Tibet Train

Since July-1st.2006 the Qinghai-Tibet railway began operations, for the tourist have one more traffic channel to access Tibet .and by train way travel to Tibet , You will get chance to experience the Qinghai-Tibet railway and enjoy the Qinghai-Tibet highland scenery by the train tour .

The following form is the railway operation schedule from china several cities to Tibet ,and from Tibet to china .if you consider by train to travel to Tibet you can reference below form to plan your Tibet tour .

For the detail information you can reference following schedule as we have recommend under.

The Qinghai –Tibet Train Schedule



City name Departure


Arrival Running


Ticket price Remark
Soft bed Hardbed
Z21 Beijing-Lhasa 20:10 12:00  41hrs  1189 766 Daily
Z22 Lhasa-Beijing 15:35 08;20  41Hrs      
Z164 Shanghai-Lhasa 19:16 17:40 47hr 1314 845 Next day
Z166 Lhasa-Shanghai 11;25 11:17        
T264 Guangzhou-Lhasa 12:10 11:28 54hr 1434 923 Next day
Z266 Lhasa-Guangzhou 13:10 19;26        
Z22 Chengdu-Lhasa 20:45 14:16 45hr 1104 712 Next day
Z24 Lhasa-Chengdu 11:45 08:16        
Z222 Chongqing-Lhasa 20:23 14:16 46hr 1126 754 Next day
Z224 Lhasa-Chongqing 11:45 08:13        
Z917 Lanzhou-Lhasa 12;17 11:39 27hr 854 552 Next day
Z918 Lhasa-Lanzhou 09:45 1016        
Z9801 Xining-Lhasa 14:56 11:39 24hr 810 523 Daily
Z9802 Lhasa-Xining 09:45 07:26        

The new train road running from 2014 Lhasa -Shigatse  and Shigatse to Lhasa both citeis ,this is a shortly railway road in Tibet .

Lhasa-Shigatse  Z8801  Dep 09:00–Arr 12:09    

Shigatse-Lhasa Z8802 Dep17:30–Arr20:05 

Total distance 280km the train running time 3hours betweent both cities

Note:Unless the Beijing_Lhasa No Z21/Z22 train and Xining-Lhasa N9801/N9802 train have operate every day between both of cities, Other train will departure the next day .Accordance the Qinghai-Tibet railway office regular ,if the passenger need purchase the Qinghai-Tibet railway train ticket from China to Tibet or departure from Tibet to China must booking before 10days prior to your departure, otherwise you cannot purchase the train ticket to into Tibet or depart from Tibet to China by train. If you booking the Tibet tour with our Todotripchina tour operator team .we will help you booking the train ticket from these cities to Tibet .and from Tibet to china these cities.